The fundamental believes of FAT BV comprise, quality, flexibility, customer focus, improve and honesty.


We aim to deliver high quality results which are kept simple and transparent for the client. Our goal is to provide high standard scientific data to meet customer demands while maintaining a simple and clear process.


We know projects are always urgent as a service provider we aim to remain as flexible as possible without compromising on quality.

Customer focus

At FAT we aim to maintain personal contact with our customers. We seek to provide added value for your company, a goal we believe is best achieved in a long term partnership.


Continuous improvement means FAT is always looking for ways to serve the customer better and faster using the technique that suits your needs.


At FAT we deliver what we promise and guarantee transparency throughout the entire process.

With continuously changing market needs FAT aims to change with it. By using the PDCA-cycle throughout all company processes versatile service can be achieved. As service provider it is our aim to assist you in improving, adapting and excelling in your business.

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